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8K – Customer Satisfaction

by mike tombs
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We’ve hit week 7 on the 8 Key Drivers of Business Value!

An easy but often overlooked concept for this week – Customer Satisfaction

A lot of businesses tend to shy away from asking their customers how satisfied they are – probably because they’re scared of what the results might be. But is that really a good way to run your business? “You can only manage what you measure” is a popular phrase around our office, but it’s applicable in this case too.

A very popular indicator of customer satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score, which asks two questions:

  • How likely are you (out of 10) to recommend our products or services to friends or colleagues?
  • Why did you give that score?

Then there’s a little bit of a calculation to work out the score itself which I won’t go into here, but you basically add the high scores and subtract the low ones.

The answer to the second question will give you valuable insights into how you can improve things and what you’re doing well.

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