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8K – Hub and Spoke

by mike tombs
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Today is the final day on the 8 Key Drivers of Business Value!

If you’re a business owner working too many hours a day, too many days a week, then this driver will apply to you – Hub and Spoke.

If you imagine a spoked wheel, every piece of the wheel is tied to the centre. As a business owner, you make up the hub of the business, with every individual piece being tied directly to you.

Hub and Spoke is down to how dependant your business is on you personally. If your customers are coming to you for everything and if every part of your business needs your personal oversight to run effectively, then you know you have a problem.

Some ways you can help your business to run more effectively without you include:

  • Documenting all the processes you follow regularly and give them to other employees to take charge of
  • Consider additional training for your existing staff
  • Take a break away from your business and see where things start to break down, then patch those issues

If you want a business that can stand on its own, we’ve put together a short training webinar to help people just like you. You can get free access to it at:

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