TLA Business Services is an accountancy practice, so it goes without saying that we provide all the services you would expect from your accountant – preparing and reviewing your accounts, ensuring compliance and managing your tax returns and business tax affairs. And we do it for a fixed fee, with no hidden extras and with unlimited access to our team for advice.

Just choose the type of accounts plan you need – and that determines the price you’ll pay.

When you work with TLA we can do a great deal more than just your accounts. We can apply our experience, skills and resources to help your business grow. We’ll make sure it is structured in the most tax-efficient way; we’ll review your cash flow and profits, advise on remuneration strategies and help you review your business performance against your expectations.

If we can’t help you directly, we are very happy to share our network of contacts, locally and nationwide; suppliers and experts that we trust because we’ve used them ourselves or we’ve checked them out thoroughly.

Whatever we do to help your business, it will come with a simple guarantee – if you’re not happy with what we do, you won’t have to pay.

Read on to find out how easy it is to get TLA working for your bottom line.

Accountancy Services

There are three TLA service plans to choose from – pick the one that meets your needs now and upgrade later as your business grows. If none of them fit, we can tailor-make something for you. Each one has a number of additional services that can be selected if needed, so that you only pay for what you need.

Personal Tax

Although we generally deal with other businesses, we can also provide personal tax returns. Some people use this service because they want the assurance of knowing that their tax affairs are all in order, for others it’s because they need help dealing with more-complex situations such as income from rented property, capital gains tax issues or advice on matters such as inheritance tax planning.

We can also advise on tax-saving opportunities such as those available through the use of Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes. Although we won’t advise on the commercial aspects of such schemes – our scope is limited to the tax-saving aspects available – we can certainly link you to fellow professionals who are authorised to do so.

Secure Base

The Secure Base service ensures that you meet and exceed all the minimum requirements for your limited company, partnership, limited liability partnership or sole trader business. This includes:
  • Preparing your annual accounts and statutory financial statements
  • Preparing filleted financial statements for submission to Companies House
  • Subscription to the QuickBooks Online Essentials package
  • Dealing with all business tax matters, including preparing income and/or Corporation Tax computations and preparing and submitting your individual, partnership or Corporation Tax Self-Assessment tax returns
  • For limited companies preparing quarterly management accounts and the associated documents required for dividend declarations
  • For limited companies, provision of our Company Secretarial Support Service
  • Dealing with correspondence from the Inland Revenue (HMRC)

Secure Plus

For those businesses who want a more comprehensive service, in addition to everything included in the Secure Base plan, this includes 4 quarterly review meetings, the last one before year-end typically being used to sort out any tax planning etc. The top level of QuickBooks Online (QBO Plus) is included, as is a subscription to receipt bank to help you track your expenses.

We shall take care of the personal tax returns for up to two directors, generally free of charge although we would need to agree any additional fees if there are any complications such as capital gains tax work, or sources of income other than from the company we are dealing with. Should you employ any staff we will provide payroll services for up to 5 employees (plus any directors where appropriate).

After the first year, and annually thereafter, we will work with you to prepare financial projections for the following three years, covering a profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecast. Comparing your actual results against those forecast will help highlight areas of concern whilst there’s still time to take corrective action where necessary.