Stress and how to combat it

by mike tombs
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Stress is one of the problems of the modern world. Some stress is necessary for us to achieve anything. If everything is effortless and easy we learn nothing, and gain no satisfaction, so some element of stress is important to us to function. However, bad stress, is exactly that; bad. Stress is one of the perils of running your own business. Do you feel pulled in too many directions, spread too thin, unable to plan forward, always fire-fighting? These feelings all contribute towards stress.

Running a business relies on you being able to plan ahead, to have vision, and implement it, to be a leader, to be decisive, to be courageous. All of these are hard to achieve when you are stressed. When we are stressed planning ahead seems impossible and the smallest decision seems unachievable. You will think that you can’t take time out of your business when you are stressed, but actually that is the best time to take some time out. Your productivity will be lower than usual and the quality of the work that you do produce will be reduced. While you may be physically at work for longer, you will be achieving less. Taking some time out to reduce your stress and return yourself to an effectively functioning states is the best thing you can do for your business. This is not self-indulgence it is self-care.

Take some time to de-stress; sleep, take exercise, eat well, read a good book, see friends or family, visit a museum, have a tech-free day. The time that you take out to replenish yourself you will more than make up for in renewed productivity. Problems that seemed insurmountable will suddenly have solutions. Decisions that were worrying you, will be taken easily. Now in your stress-free state make sure that you plan ahead to prevent this happening again. Book yourself regular breaks or outsource one area of your business that you don’t need to do yourself. Whatever keeps you well, is an investment in your business.

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