Business Builder Club

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What the Business Builder Club is all about
Most people get into business primarily to improve their lifestyle or maintain the one they have. Nobody gets excited about filling out invoices and paying tax. Even we as accountants at TLA Business Services don’t get excited about tax returns, and that’s why we focus on business growth strategies and helping clients achieve their goals.

What we have found often happens with owner-managers is that after a few years, working in the business becomes an end in itself, and it’s too easy to forget that the real goals aren’t what the business achieves, but what those business achievements let you do in your life outside of it. You should be working to live, not living to work!

Some people come to us because they are disappointed with the quality of the management information they are getting – perhaps it’s not accurate or it’s just not the right sort of information, leaving them feeling like they’re shooting in the dark when it comes to making decisions. They could get the right sort of information but at the wrong time, leaving them to trail behind their competitors and potentially miss out on some real opportunities in their business.

They could be getting the right information in a timely fashion but perhaps they don’t quite see how it fits into their day-to-day operations or really know how best to capitalise on some of the opportunities presented to them, or how to avoid anything potentially damaging around the corner.

Sometimes people come to us because they’re working long hours and are feeling frustrated by not being able to do the things they want to do when they want to do them and feel that if they step a foot out of the office for holiday or sick leave then the business will collapse in their absence.

If you are serious about getting back on track so your personal goals, whether the ones you had originally or the new ones you have today become a reality instead of a pipe dream, then you should book your place in the Business Builder Club.

Before covering what membership entails, it’s probably useful to give you a bit of background.

To join the Business Builder Club there is absolutely no need to use TLA Business Services to provide your routine accountancy and tax services. Generally, business owners have developed a close relationship with their existing accountancy providers and we have no wish to disturb that.

The Business Builder Club is focused on helping you meet your personal goals and that generally relies on transforming your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. You will always be firmly in the driver’s seat but to the extent that you wish, we’ll be a bit of a cross between a co-pilot and a navigator. Typically, to achieve your goals you will want your business to grow, you will want to systemise it so that it can keep running smoothly whilst you’re not there, and you may well want to either get it prepared to sell or to at least cut down on the time you spend running it.

The Business Builder Club isn’t for everyone but the qualifying conditions are quite straightforward.
  • It is intended for owner-managed businesses, with the owner taking the lead role in the programme.
  • The owner should be receptive to change and new ideas.
  • It requires a minimum commitment of twelve months on the programme and one half-day a month for a meeting.
  • Businesses should have been operating for at least three years and employ at least five employees, including owners and managers.
  • Up-to-date bookkeeping through an online platform (such as Quickbooks Online) to ensure decisions are being made based on the most recent information.