Good foundations

by mike tombs
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All good structures are built on good foundations, whether we are talking houses or companies. Good foundations in houses rely on bricks and mortar, whilst good foundations in companies rely on good founders. We have pulled together some top tips to help you be a brilliant founder.

  1. Get along with your co-founders: obviously we can’t get along with people all the time, and disagreement is a healthy part of every relationship. However, toxicity isn’t. Learn how to accept constructive feedback, and how to give it! No-one likes to be criticised but feedback is essential to improve.
  2. Pull the trigger: it is all too easy to panic about your product, and endlessly tweak it or improve it. But remember you will never sell it unless you get it out there. Whilst aiming for perfection is good, 90% done and out there is better than 100% done and on the drawing board. Don’t miss the market by waiting too long.
  3. Respect your employees: people who are happier work harder. People who are respected are more inclined to work for you and help drive your company forwards. A simple “thank you” goes a long way towards making an employee feel appreciated. Remember every person in your company is helping you drive it forwards, so don’t forget the people on the factory floor!
  4. Don’t forget the details: you can’t know everything. Make sure you get proper consultation on legal and financial details; don’t assume you can do everything yourself. Choosing good professionals to work for you is essential.
  5. Be organised: while an enormous part of being an entrepreneur is about flair and passion, you still need to be organised. Creatives are notoriously famous for being late, unreliable, messy, but organisation is a skill like any other, and can be learnt.


Everything you need to be a fantastic founder can be learnt or improved upon. If you want to make your company the best it can be, you must make yourself the best you can be. Be clear about your weaknesses and improve them, and you will see the benefits radiate out through your company.

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