Are you using your time effectively?

by mike tombs
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I came across an interesting concept the other day called Deep Work.

It’s not a new concept or anything, fundamentally it just means working in a more structured fashion instead of getting bogged down by phone calls, meetings, social media etc. We are living in the age of distraction after all.

This concept can help a couple of groups of people:

Firstly, for people who are easily distracted by technology and ‘busy-work’, it is a way of staying focussed on what you should be doing. This cuts out on some of those late hours caused by procrastination and the like.

Secondly (the one I’m more excited about), is that it can help business owners work on their business rather than just in it. This breaks you out of the stage of owning a job, rather than a ‘proper’ business. You will have time set aside to develop business plans, work on your long-term goals and reflect on what you’re doing instead of just getting swept along with inertia.

There are three ways to go about this:

Monastic: isolate yourself for extended periods of time without diversions – no shallow work permitted. This is when you squirrel yourself away in a separate room and tell everyone you’re unavailable.

Bimodal: get a couple of consecutive days when you’ll function like a reclusive. As an example, you go to your quiet space Tuesday through Thursday, then return to your typical regimen of meetings and calls the remainder of the week.

Rhythmic: take a few hours every day to perform Deep Work – this strategy could include blocking out your calendar from 8am-12pm each day so you can work uninterrupted. Even if you set aside half an hour, that’s 2½ hours a week you’ll be planning and working on a better future.

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