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8K – Growth Potential

by mike tombs
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We’ve hit week two on the 8 Key Drivers of Business Value!

It’s easy to think about what you have achieved in your business over its lifetime. Whether it’s awards, or an outstanding reputation or how many years you’ve been operating. None of this really helps in terms of the potential for growth your business has.

A few things you should be thinking about:

  • Can you cross-sell or upsell any of your products? Ensuring good client-facing systems are in place can automate much of this process and make a big difference to your business.
  • Are there any complimentary products you could offer? For example: if you sell gin, could you get into tonic water? Anything related to your product or service that customers are already getting elsewhere.
  • Could you get into another market? Perhaps a new geographical market or create a stronger online presence. You could even change up the niche you operate in.

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