Why start a blog?

by M Tombs
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I decided to start this blog as a supplement to the monthly newsletter I send out. The newsletter is very much a one-way communication, whereas with the blog readers will be able to add comments and suggestions. Hopefully we will all benefit from the two-way traffic. (If anyone reading this blog doesn’t get the newsletter but wants to subscribe, follow the link from www.taxassist.co.uk/worcester)

Also, I’m VERY conscious of limiting the number of blanket emails sent out. Twelve newsletters a year plus a couple of specials around events such as the pre-budget report is enough. With the blog more regular communications can be posted without actually intruding – if anyone wants to read the blog they can without too much trouble, and if anyone doesn’t want to read it nothing will land in your inbox to clutter it up.

Finally, I occasionally write short articles covering things of general interest to small businesses. This seems a useful place to post them and, again, to respond to any feedback.

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