Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

by mike tombs
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A good team is made up of a diverse group of people, with a mixture of personalities, skills and expertise.

When the time comes to take on a new person, it’s vital that you put some real thought into who you’re hiring and why.

Before you take on a new team member:

• Know what gaps need filling – spend some time working out what roles you need filling and how they fit in with your business plans (both now and in the future)

• Be clear on what you need them to do – ensure that any new role knows exactly what their responsibilities are, so you can measure and monitor performance more effectively. If you start with the gaps you have, you can more easily assign those gaps to specific roles and determine what skills need to be in

• Think about your core values – in order to create a great company culture, you need people around you who share your core values. Consider creating a mission statement to define what you, as the owner, believe in and keep it front-of-mind during the interview process

• Think about the team dynamic – a bad apple can ruin the bunch, so assess how you think any applicant will fit, as a personality, into your existing team.

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