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8K – The Valuation See-Saw

by mike tombs
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Week four – the Valuation See-Saw

‘Cash is king’, or so they say. And they’d be right! Nobody wants to worry about the bills that are coming out, so ensuring that you have cash in your business account can really help reduce some of the stress. It can also cut down on interest if you find yourself regularly taking out loans.

Getting a better grip on your cashflow can be a tricky process, and it often involves a lot of moving pieces. But consider the following if you’re running into trouble:

  • Renegotiating your supplier terms to pay later, and your customer terms to pay sooner
  • For customers, think about how you could introduce early payment discounts or late payment charges
  • If you’re on a subscription model (or could convert to one), consider charging a higher fee up-front and less throughout the year
  • Ensure that money is kept aside in a separate account, particularly for when corporation tax and VAT are due

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