You can have it all
As business owners we know what you are feeling. You want to know that this will work. You want more time, more money, and less stress. We did too. That’s why we ran our own business through the Business Builder Club program, so that we can tell you how it will work for you.

When you join the Business Builder Club, you will spend a lot of time with us. We will look at your business together so that we understand your values, your ethos and your goals. We will put together financial and non-financial reports about your business. But we know that businesses are made up of people not just figures. So, will we know about your personal wishes, not just the numbers on a report.

You need an accountant as a business owner. But if you just want an accountant, we are not the company for you. We can recommend you some excellent accountants who only organise your tax and deal with Companies House, because that’s not what gets us out of bed in the morning.

You want an accountant who is part of your team. Someone who understands that you want to create more time, so you can coach football on a Wednesday afternoon. Your accountant can’t do that. We can. You want someone who can dig deep inside your business, remind you of your goals, and make sure that you stick to your ethos. You want to increase your efficiency so that you can increase your profits. You can meet the challenge of having an open business discussion with other professionals. You see the value in other people’s opinions and can listen to the advice from people who have faced the same challenges that you have.

You had the motivation to start your business, you want to improve it. The Business Builder Club will help you to create a more efficient, more profitable business. This will give you the life that you want.