What did other people learn from reviewing their personal goals?
You didn’t go into business to spend your days filling out forms or dealing with the tax office. You had a reason. Maybe you have forgotten that reason. For many business owners like you, the goals that led you to start your own business have been lost. By reviewing your aspirations, you can remember why you started. When you join the Business Builder Club, we will help you to take your goals and turn them into a plan.

You started your business so that you could be in control of your work-life balance. Your life-work balance will be different to others. By keeping that balance to a ratio that suits you, you can use what you have created to achieve other goals. You may want to create time to support a charity, perhaps by giving them your services for free, or at a reduced cost. You may want to travel, and tick destinations off your bucket list. Your desires can be met: more money, more time, less stress. Maybe your family has grown. There are different needs in every family. Maybe you want to provide a larger house, or a better education. Or maybe you simply want to create one afternoon a week to spend with your family. There is no right or wrong goal. It is your decision what you want to gain. You can take charge of your life-work balance by setting out your goals.

The time you spend concentrating on your goals, will help you to remain in control of your destiny. Without these goals, it is hard for you to create a plan to change your business. If there is no reason not to work a 60-hour week, why would you change anything? But if you want to reduce your hours from 60 to 40 hours a week, suddenly there is a reason. Once you have goals, we can work with you to create a plan to reach them. As you think about your goals, you may realise that they have changed. If this is the case, then your business will need to change to reflect this.

Join other successful business owners who have reviewed their personal goals and altered the course of their business. The Business Builder Club will guide you through the steps need to change your dreams into reality.