How do you make time?
You are either not earning enough money, or you don’t have enough free time. Both can be improved. You can change your business to do things in a more efficient way. As you become more efficient, you become more profitable. You need to know where you are today, to change your business for tomorrow.

You need to measure. If you can measure it, you can improve it. You can measure quantitative things such as the cost of printer ink. And you can also measure qualitative things, such as team performance. You will use cloud-based accounting, so that you can see what is happening today, rather than looking back to what happened six months ago. You may be unsure which figures you should be reviewing. There are many indicators of financial performance. When you join the Business Builder Club, you will have an external expert, to make sure that you are not wasting time looking at the wrong figures. Together we will look at the ones that will make the biggest difference to your efficiency and make sure that these are the figures we are watching. You understand that productivity is very important. You may not know how to measure this. Working with us, you will learn how to calculate productivity, using units such as capacity and team performance. You will know the cost of sick days and the reduction of team morale caused by the churn of resigning staff. You will learn how to qualitatively measure and track this, adding non-financial measurements into your analysis.

With the Business Builder Club you will have support from experts to collect and understand these figures. We will look at them together and discuss what they tell us. We won’t ask you to do anything that goes against the ethos of your business. You can increase profitability and maintain integrity. The values that you want your business to display will run throughout your company. You will improve your business by creating a system to measurably improve efficiency and profitability. You won’t just save money on printer paper, you will make your teams happy. And you know that happy people are more productive, freeing you up to focus on the big picture.