What to increase the value of your business by up to 71%

Your company is probably your largest asset.

It’s likely worth more than your house or your investment portfolio. But unlocking the value in your business can be tricky. For you to cash out, someone has to want to buy the company you’ve created.

That’s where The Value Builder Score comes in. The Value Builder Score is an assessment tool that allows you to see your company as a buyer would see it. Complete The Value Builder Score questionnaire and you will receive your overall score along with your performance on the eight key drivers of Value – each one of which is statistically proven to be important to buyers.

Whether you want to sell your business soon or just want the peace of mind to know you’re building a valuable asset for the future, improving your Value Builder Score gives you an immediate and quantifiable return on investment. A study of 40,000+ businesses showed that companies achieving a Value Builder Score of 80+ (out of a possible 100) go on to sell at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses.

Get free, immediate access to your score at: tlaservices.co.uk/get-your-value-builder-score

Value Builder Premium
Improve your value builder score with the value builder engagement

The Value Builder Engagement is a methodology designed to improve your Value Builder Score -and with it, the value of your business. Each month, you' ll meet one-on-one with your Certified Value Builder™ who will work with you through one of twelve modules specifically designed to improve the value of your company.

A circle showing how the value builder engagement is broken down into 12 modules and what is covered in each